Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hartmuts Single 52 and 53



All good things must come to an end eventually and with number 53 ends the postings of Hartmuts singles. We hope you've all enjoyed the music, heard something new, broadened your horizons and annoyed the neighbours.

Mickey & Sylvia - Love Is Strange

Love Is Strange 2:56
Walkin' In The Rain 2:20
Dearest 2:55
In My Heart 2:10
Mommy Out De Light 2:37
Love Is A Treasure 2:34
Two Shadows On Your Window 2:41
Love Will Make You Fail In School 2:42
No Good Lover 2:53
I'm Going Home 2:20

Memphis Slim - Born With The Blues

A1 Born With The Blues 3:27
A2 Get Ready 3:00
A3 I Wanna Dance 3:17
A4 Chicago Bounce No. 2 4:21
A5 Misery 2:25
A6 Memphis Slim USA 2:37
B1 My Baby Left Me 3:05
B2 Rocking The House 2:50
B3 Letter Home 3:50
B4 Bye, Bye! Will Be On My Way 4:30
B5 Grinder Man Blues 4:50


Visitors requests....maybe you can help out

You can leave requests, comments  and replies in the usual way and after moderation they will appear below. This might take a couple of days and reposts up to a week ..... I've got a life outside of the blog.
Please do not request new or easy to find CD's as they will not be posted here.


17th May: Dr. Oyster - JC Burris's "Long way by myself"

25th May: elgreco -  Roosevelt Holt & His Friends album on Arhoolie? In flac if poss please

27th May: Steve626 - Sunnyland Slim - Depression Blues 1971 Disques Festival FLD 648.

May 31st: Koldo - Big Bill Broonzy - Nobody's Business

10th June: Hal9000 - I'm after a few (what i consider) important rarities:
Algia Mae Hinton - Honey Babe
ramson: Here ok with scans:
Joe Callicott - North mississippi blues / ain't gonna lie to you  (320 kbs, art)
Eddie 'one-string' Jones - one string blues (Gazel Documents)
Charlie Lincoln & Willie Baker - 1927-1930 (RST blues documents)29th

June:Yoda Inside said...
seeking two Clifford Gibson albums:
only [198]
Thank you Pepe for the links.

5th July: BillyBoy- I'm seeking a Rounder LP Beale Street Mess Around
Thanks go to Pepe: @ 160kbs

5th July: Samblues --DELTA BLUES FESTIVAL '79 (Delta Blues DBF 79) with napoleon strickland,sam chatmon,johnny shines, sam myers and others

7th July: On the subject of Clifford Gibson, does anyone have the old 1998 Japanese P-Vine Gibson LP 'Tired Of Being Mistreated'?

10th July: B flat -Katie Webster - Whoo-Wee Sweet Daddy! (Swamp Boogie Records 8701). This is a 12" single with 3 tracks.

Thanks go to  lapiedra52 for ...
Luther Guitar Junior Johnson - 1990 - I Want To Groove With You (flac)
Part 1:
Part 2:

July 14th:  Tom Thumb - "Double Dealing Blues" (Chess Texas/West Coast recordings)
Can somebody please help?

16th July;  Dog Breath Variations said...
Cephas / Wiggins - Dog Days (1984)
michael hill - blood lines
ape files:
ape files:
michael hill - have mercy!

alec seward - carolina blues: new york city 1944
Thanks to Pepe,

23rd July: Skinnymom - Lizzie Miles - Complete Document set

23rd July: Guitarradeplastico - Tarheel Slim, Little Annie Lps/cds

31st July:Yatala Piedmont said...
Booker T Laury - blues on the prowl (wolf)
Black Ace - Black Ace
Joe "guitar" hughes - stuff like that

l4th August: Ronnie said...
Henry Townsend - Mule
Rockin' tabby thomas - greatest hits vol 1 /
Othar Turner - Everybody Hollerin' Goat
Tabby Thomas - louisiana woman
James 'son' Thomas - beef steak blues / hard times

10th August: Scrapple from Apple said...
looking for:
Mem Shannon - I'm from Phunkville
links for Mem Shannon - 2005 - I'm From Phunkville in flac:

Mem Shannon - 2nd blues album
links for Mem Shannon - 1997 - 2nd Blues Album also flac:
Doug Quattlebaum - softee man blues
Kokomo Arnold - 1934-1938 ... Which release ???

11th August: Doggins AD said...
requesting Frank Robinson - deep east texas blues cd
in flac

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Various - Deep South Blues

Those who believe that the newer, cruder recording of Mississippi bluesmen playing distorted electric guitars is some newly recorded phenomenon should grab this collection and get straight. In it, they'll find 15 superb homemade performances, all of them put down for posterity in the early '80s, proof that the scene was being documented early and excellently. Kicking off with two dynamite sides from Junior Kimbrough, the set moves on with riveting performances from Jessie Mae Hemphill, R.L. Burnside and the Sound Machine, Hezekiah and the Houserockers, Raymond Hill, Hammie Nixon, Waynell Jones, and Ranie Burnette. This is riveting stuff -- not for the casual blues fan.
(Cub Koda -Allmusic)
Thanks got to Marc(fr) for the rip and passing on 2 more tracks from Uncle Ben.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Here's a Bunch Of Flowers For You

I Am The Greatest:
Our Man In Washington: Rhythmn An' Blues: 

New postings:
Rockin' Dance Party: Sings A Tribute:
Some-A-Dis And Some-A-Dat:

Visit Discogs for track listings.

Lightnin' Slim - Rooster Blues (mono)

When people talk about Louisiana swamp blues, this is what they're talking about. Excello Records' first foray into albums came with this wonderful collection of singles by Lightnin' Slim largely issued around the success of the title track, an R&B hit in 1960. "Long Leanie Mama," "My Starter Won't Work," "It's Mighty Crazy," "Hoo-Doo Blues," "Tom Cat Blues," "Lightnin' Troubles," "G.I. Slim" and "Feelin' Awful Blues" are all certified swamp blues classics and about as lowdown as the genre can get possibly get. With Lazy Lester on harmonica for the majority of the tracks here, the stripped-down approach to Slim's brand of blues casts these sides in a decidedly front-porch ambience with the added pulsating tape echo and oddball percussive effects just making everything on here sound even more doom-laden. "Lightnin's Blues," the John Lee Hooker-inspired "Just Made Twenty One" and "Sugar Plum." (Allmusic)
Ripped from the original mono LP.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Heads Up

In a couple of weeks our old farmhouse is going to be completely renovated inside from bottom to top. New floors with heating, redesigned top floor, one large area on the bottom floor instead of separate rooms, new bathrooms etc. Everything modernised with sun panels for water and electricity and whatever else they can think of.
All this means moving out for about 6 months, praying to the Gods that house doesn't collapse when breaking starts and putting the blog on hold.
More than likely my records will be going into storage as will the audio equipment used to rip. I will be able to re-post items and maybe some cd's if I take them with me to the temporary house.
Just as well there are a couple of excellent Blues Blogs that will keep you busy and on the upside you'll have more time to listen to what they post.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Rockin' Sydney - Joy To The South

A1 The Titty Waltz 3:20
A2 Just Like A Hog 3:13
A3 Lonesome For My Baby 3:00
A4 Rock And Roll Me Baby 3:29
A5 Zydeco Jambilee 2:51
A6 I Got The Blues For My Baby 3:36
B1 Joy To The South 4:06
B2 Welfare Cadillac 4:33
B3 Don't Play With That (That's Mine) 3:27
B4 Koochie Koochie 2:33
B5 Two Step The Zydeco 3:21
B6 Skin And Ivory 3:46