Friday, May 25, 2018

Little Sonny - Blastin' The Blues

Live at the Park Tower Blues Festival '94, Tokyo, December 14, 16, 17&18.
1. Sonny Side Up
2. It's Hard Going Up (But Twice As Hard Coming Down)
3. The Creeper Returns
4. Honest I Do
5. (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
6. Let Me Love You
7. Memphis B-K
8. I'm A Man ~ Mannish Boy
9. Thank You (Arigato!)
Live at the Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival '95
10. Goin' Down Slow ~ Stormy Monday
11. A Woman Named Trouble

KansasJoe post:

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Malcolm Simmons - Mama Was Right (corrected rip)

Thriller (instr.)
Mama Was Right
Lie To Me
Snap Your Fingers
Hotel Happiness
Let's Get Together
Just A Feeling
Messing With A Kid
Keep Love On Your Mind
Inflation Time

incl. missing track A4
vinyl has seen better days so no complaints about the occasional skip and click

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Snooky Pryor - Shake My Hand

1 Shake My Hand 2:26
2 Work With Me Annie 4:16
3 Someday Baby 3:04
4 Tomorrow Night 2:47
5 Telephone Blues 4:30
6 In This Mess 3:33
7 Pistol Packin' Mama 3:13
8 My Babe 4:26
9 Headed South 5:40
10 Jump For Joy 3:31
11 Don't Like To Brag 4:40


Toronzo Cannon - My Woman

1. My Woman
2. She's Gone
3. Toronzo Shuffle
4. Earnestine
5. Cannonball (Just messin Around)
6. Best love I never had
7. Ain't no Stranger (revisited)
8. No Good man
9. Don't change me
10. Back to the Weekend
11. Not Born to lose
12. Young a Little while (But old a long time)


Danny Barker - Save The Bones

Ham & Eggs 2:17
Save The Bones 2:59
Bill Bailey 2:50
I'm A Cowboy 3:20
Hard Hearted Hannah (The Vamp Of Savannah) 2:46
Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) 2:25
You Got The Right Key But The Wrong Keyhole 3:32
St. James Infirmary 4:01
You Gotta Get Yourself A Job Girl 3:42
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out 2:25
When You're Smiling

KansasJoe post:

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Finally we moved back into our house last week amongst workers doing the finishing touches inside outside the house. Total panic due to the number of boxes piled everywhere and missing items that I'm sure we have somewhere but not in the box I had in mind.
My playroom is full of boxed lp's and cd's waiting to be unpacked once the shelving has been put in sometime soon (the carpenters words). There's a box of  new lp's ready to be ripped and amongst them are some interesting ones. Also some cd's but nothing that's not already floating around on the blogs.
So with a bit of luck I'll dig up what I need to rip and I'll slowly start this week.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

little Sonny - Archives - Live '65 & Rare Tracks (P-Vine Club PVC 20010)

Thanks go to KansasJoe for:

and now I'm offline for some time.

Sam Dees - Same

1 Hang Tough
2 Things That Lovers Do
3 Let Me Keep You Company
4 For The Sake Of The Memories
5 Night Of The Boogie Freaks
6 Our Love Is Still Alive And Well
7 If You Decide To Leave
8 Right In The Middle Of Falling In Love
9 How Does My Love Feel
10 I Love You

KansasJoe post:

John Cole Blues Band - The Secret Is Out!

1. You Don't Have To Go
2. Whole Lotta' Shakin'
3. Mean Old World
4. Without You
5. Payin' The Cost
6. Second Chance
7. Downhome Blues
8. Mustang Sally
9. Double Trouble
10. The Blues Is Alright
11. Merry Christmas Baby


Billy Boy Arnold - Sings Big Bill Broonzy

1: Sweet Honey Bee
2: Going Back To Arkansas
3: Girl In The Valley a.k.a. Water Coast Blues
4: Key To The Highway
5: Rider Rider Blues
6: Looking Up At Down
7: Willie Mae Blues
8: Cell No.13 Blues
9: I Want You By My Side
10: San Antonio Blues
11: Living On Easy Street
12: When I Get To Thinkin'
13: I Love My Whiskey
14: It Was Just A Dream
15: Just Got To Hold You Tight